ITSPAY will be Private Sale on Aug 27th, Let’s see !

  • Go to
  • Send your BNB to Private Sale Wallet
  • Upload your transaction ID (tx id) of your payment to Web.
  • Your $IPY will be sent to your address 1–10 minutes as directly as Admin got verified of your tx id.
  • First, ItsPay have 2 phase of sale. Private Sale and Pancakeswap listing.
  • Second, Whole Distribution of $IPY token includes all token sales from private sale and public presale.
  • Private Sale. All tokens which have been reserved will be directly landed on buyer address, apprx. 1–10 minutes. Min Buy 0.1 BNB with Max Buy 1.0 BNB, hard cap is 10 BNB. Rate is 1.5X cheaper than listing price, 7.500.000 $IPY per BNB.
  • Pancakeswap Listing. Listing price 5.000.000 $IPY per BNB with initial liquidity $75.000 USD in $BNB paired with 500M $IPY token.



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ItsPay Official - $IPY

ItsPay Official - $IPY


It’sPay is a freelance services marketplace for workers and stakeholders to offer services, staking, interacting, completing job, and get paid in crypto.